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Lowell Observatory have re-discovered a Near Earth asteroid.

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Lowell Observatory have re-discovered a Near Earth asteroid.
Lowell Observatory have re-discovered a Near Earth asteroid.

Total Lunar Eclipse - November 8-9, 2003.

Oct 22, 2003 Mark your calendars for an astronomical event that you don't want to miss. In the early morning of Sunday, November 9, most of the Western Hemisphere and Europe will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. And universe Today is going to be gathering together a network of astrocameras, so you can watch it on the Internet if the weather doesn't cooperate for you.

Long-Lost Asteroid Re-Discovered.

Oct 22, 2003 Astronomers from the Lowell Observatory have re-discovered a Near Earth asteroid that hasn't been seen since 1937. The object is called Hermes and it was originally discovered by German Astronomer Karl Reinmuth; a few days later it was out of sight, and Astronomers didn't have enough information about its orbit to locate it again. With the new observations, Astronomers believe that Hermes is actually a binary object; it has its own small moon.

Solar Car Wins Race with Space Technology.

Oct 22, 2003 Nuna II, a Dutch car using European Space Agency technology, has won the World Solar Challenge; a 3010 km race that crosses Australia. The car set off from Darwin on October 19, and completed the race in only 30 hours, 54 minutes - it hit a top speed of 110 km/h. Nuna II was built with technologies adopted from various space missions, including a carbon-fibre composite body, high conversion solar panels, and technology that maximizes the power delivered from car's panels and batteries.

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