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Global climate change.

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Factors that could contribute other than just overall global climate change.
Factors that could contribute other than just overall global climate change.

India Launches Remote Sensing Satellite.

Oct 17, 2003 An Indian PSLV rocket blasted off today from the Satish Dhawan Space Center carrying the IRS-P6 remote sensing satellite into an 821 km high polar orbit. The rocket was launched even though the weather was poor with heavy rains – the wind, however, wasn’t a problem. IRS-P6 is the most advanced remote sensing satellite built by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO); it will primarily monitor natural resources, like water, agriculture, and gather land management data.

Glaciers in Patagonia Melting Faster Then Expected.

Oct 17, 2003 New research from NASA shows that glaciers in the Patagonia region of South America are thinning out at an accelerated rate. Researchers compared data from the recent Space Shuttle topography mission in 2000 against historical surveys from the 1970s and 90s. The Patagonia glaciers are losing mass faster than other icefields, such as those in Alaska, which are five times larger. This different rate of melting is important, because it helps researchers understand some of the factors that could contribute other than just overall global climate change.

Solar Sail Launch Delayed to 2004.

Oct 17, 2003 The Planetary Society announced this week that they will be pushing back the launch of the Cosmos 1 solar sail from October to some time in 2004. This will give the mission team more time to test various aspects of the spacecraft to make that it works properly when it does launch. Their previous launch of a solar sail failed when the Volna rocket carrying it failed to deploy the spacecraft. If successful, this prototype vehicle will help demonstrate that the light from the Sun can be used for propulsion.

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