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Mars landers.

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Flown aboard future Mars landers.
Flown aboard future Mars landers.

New Method for Finding Life on Mars.

Oct 10, 2003 A team of scientists from the University of Glasgow have developed a method they believe will help detect evidence of life in ancient rocks - perhaps helping uncover if there's life on Mars. With their technique, the rocks are crushed to release tiny amounts of liquid water, and then special detectors are used to search for the presence of biomolecules in the water. Once the technique has been proven to work, the researchers believe it could be miniaturized and flown aboard future Mars landers.

Laser Powered Plane Takes Flight.

Oct 10, 2003 A team of NASA researchers have created a remote control plane that gets its power from a ground-based laser that tracks it as it flies around. The model plane has a 3.5 metre wingspan, and only weighs 300 grams. It collects energy from a bank of photovoltaic cells to power its propeller. Although this is just a prototype, future versions could be much larger and fly above a city indefinitely providing telecommunications services - it could be an inexpensive replacement for satellites.

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