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Objects of this size do strike the Earth.

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Objects of this size do strike the Earth about once a year.
Objects of this size do strike the Earth about once a year.

Virgo Cluster Sucks in Distant Galaxy.

Oct 6, 2003 A new image taken by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory shows the elliptical Galaxy M86 and its 200,000 light-year long tail. This gigantic Galaxy is located in the Virgo Galaxy cluster and moving 4.8 million kilometres per hour through clouds of gas in the cluster. The Virgo cluster is hurtling away from us, but M86 is on the opposite side and being pulled into it, so the net effect is that M86 is actually one of the few Galaxies actually moving towards our own Milky Way.

Small Asteroid Came Very Close.

Oct 6, 2003 asteroid 2003 SQ222 whizzed by the Earth last week, missing us by only 88,000 kilometres. The rock wasn't large, only 3 to 6 metres across, but if it had hit the Earth it probably wouldn't have caused damage as would burn up in the atmosphere. The asteroid was discovered by the Lowell Observatory and several amateur Astronomers who collaborated to track its motion as it flew away from the Earth - unfortunately, they didn't notice it until it had already passed us. Objects of this size do strike the Earth about once a year, and create a spectacular fireball in the sky for anyone lucky enough to spot it.

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