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SOHO to probe the far side of the Sun.

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Scientists even figured out how to use SOHO to probe the far side of the Sun.
Scientists even figured out how to use SOHO to probe the far side of the Sun.

The Universe This Week - November 28 - December 4, 2005.

Nov 28, 2005 It's New Moon week and time for a Galaxy quest ranging from binocular to large scope studies. We'll start out "Messier" with M74 and M77, but it will get more challenging as we locate Caldwell 23 and Abell Galaxy Cluster 347. Don't worry about being a "Dumbbell." because M76 and Mars are here, too. We'll have a look at the planets and head on back to our own Galaxy group with M33 by the end of the week and the Moon's return. So, dress warm and head out because...

Here's what's up!

SOHO Celebrates 10 Years.

Nov 28, 2005 The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is celebrating its 10th anniversary of operations on December 2nd, 2005. Over the course of these 10 years, SOHO has revealed the nature of the Sun's atmosphere, the links between its magnetic fields and coronal mass ejections, and even discovered more than 1,000 comets. scientists even figured out how to use SOHO to probe the far side of the Sun.

Upcoming Solutions for Near Earth Objects.

Nov 28, 2005 Telescopes from around the world are constantly scanning the skies searching for potential Earth-crossing asteroids. The majority if these objects pose little to no threat to us, but the potentially devastating space rocks are out there. The European Space Agency is working on a mission called Don Quixote which would attempt to shift the orbit of an asteroid to understand the mechanics of this kind of operation.

Book Review: Why Explore?

Nov 28, 2005 Everyday, small children ask the darnedest things. Why is the sky blue? Where does the Sun go at night? What's a belly button for? These and endless others keep parents on their toes. But, when it comes to discussing emotions, even the smartest parent may be in a quandary. Just look at the challenges of Cyrano de Bergerac to describe love. Susan Lendroth writes and Enrique Moreiro illustrates the book Why Explore? to bring visual and rythmic nuances to this equally challenging question on why some many people try their darnedest to exceed the boundaries of today.

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