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Our existence and the existence of every other atom.

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Our existence and the existence of every other atom.
Our existence and the existence of every other atom.

What's Up In The Universe This Week.

Nov 7, 2005 "It is a most beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon." Take Galileo's words to heart and be sure to let Venus and Mars capture the eye this week. Come, now. Let's explore and observe some of the finest moments in astronomy history as we ask for the Moon...

But keep reaching for the stars.

Book Review: On the Shores of the Unknown.

Nov 7, 2005 The history of our universe encompasses all. Our existence and the existence of every other atom can be traced back to an earlier time. One strong postulation envisions a moment when time and space all came together at which moment there was a Big Bang. Since then, actions and relationships have dictated development until we arrive at where we see ourselves on Earth today. Joseph Silk in his book On the Shores of the Unknown manages to include physical explanations for many of the astronomical highlights of this process. In so doing, he's made a very readable history of our universe.

Massive B-15A Iceberg Breaks Up.

Nov 7, 2005 After 5 years afloat, the gigantic B-15A iceberg has broken up off the coast of Antarctica's Cape Adare. This image of the iceberg was taken using ESA's Envisat satellite Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR). The bottle-shaped iceberg had run aground, and probably flexed and strained until it broke up into 9 pieces along fault lines on October 27. The largest pieces have been named B-15M, B-15N and B-15P.

Landmarks on Titan.

Nov 7, 2005 Cassini's latest flyby of Titan on October 28, 2005 took it directly over Huygen's landing site, allowing scientists to match up images from the two spacecraft. This mosaic was created from 10 images taken by Cassini as it swept past Titan. The view gives a resolution of 1 km (0.6 miles) per pixel, and has been labeled with names that imaging scientists have been devising.

Inmarsat Launch Delayed.

Nov 7, 2005 The launch of Inmarsat-4 F2 from the floating Sea Launch platform has been pushed back a day because a software glitch halted its countdown. Flight controllers say they've resolved the problem, and the countdown should progress smoothly now. Once launched, the Inmarsat-4 F2 will be one of the largest and most powerful communications satellites ever deployed, providing coverage for most of the Americas and into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

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