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Mars is the lethal doses of radiation.

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Mars Sun.
Mars radiation coming off the Sun.

Radiation Will Put Human Mars Missions in Jeopardy.

One of the risks for sending humans to Mars is the lethal doses of radiation coming off the Sun in coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Researchers from the University of Warwick are proposing ways we can fill gaps in understanding about these processes and ensure Astronaut safety. In addition to watching the far side of the Sun for CMEs, and developing detection equipment the astronauts can carry on their spacecraft, the researchers think we need to better understand how CMEs travel in the regions between Earth and Mars.

Saturn's Bend in the Rings.

In this image of Saturn, taken by Cassini, it's possible to see how Saturn's atmosphere distorts the rings right next to the planet. This happens because Saturn's atmosphere refracts the light coming from the rings, similar to how object in the water look distorted and out of position.

Bright Splat on Rhea.

This Cassini image of Saturn's Moon Rhea shows a bright, white spot in its leading hemisphere. This bright feature could have come from a large impact, and has been examined by Cassini several times from different angles. Cassini took the photo on June 25, 2005 when it was approximately 1.1 million km (700,000 miles) away from the moon.

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