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Extrasolar planets pass in front of stars.

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Extrasolar planets.
Extrasolar planets parent stars.

Pandora and Prometheus.

In this nearly side-view of Saturn's rings, it's possible to see the two ring shepherd moons: Pandora (right) and Prometheus (left). Saturn's F ring extends out to the far right, and contains a large amount of fine, icy material that is probably the size of dust, unlike the B ring which has boulder-sized objects in it. This picture was taken when Cassini was 1.85 million km (1.15 million miles) away from Saturn.

Space Shuttle Launch Pushed Back at Least a Week.

Space Shuttle managers have announced that Discovery won't be lifting off until late next week, at the earliest. Engineers and managers are still trying to troubleshoot exactly what caused a problem with the external tank's fuel gauge. It's possible that one of the new safety improvements, implemented as part of the Return to Flight effort might be causing the glitch. If the shuttle doesn't launch by July 31, it will need to wait again until September before there's another opportunity.

MOST - Canada's Humble Space Telescope.

One of the more productive Telescopes in space is the tiny Canadian MOST satellite (Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars). Developed and maintained on a shoestring - $7 million USD - MOST is only the size of a suitcase, but it has a very sensitive instrument which can detect the variations in star brightness. MOST has been used to analyze recently discovered extrasolar planets as they pass in front of their parent stars, and even get some information about their atmospheres.

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