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The Japanese Subaru Telescope took this image.

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Subaru Telescope.
Subaru took this high resolution image of spiral Galaxy.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403. Subaru.

The Japanese Subaru telescope took this high resolution image of spiral Galaxy NGC 2403, located 10 million light years away. NGC 2403 is an Sc type Galaxy with open spiral arms and a small nucleus. It's approximately half the mass of our own Milky Way Galaxy and has large quantities of neutral Hydrogen gas. Edwin Hubble used NGC 2403 as evidence to help prove that Galaxies move faster away from us the further they get.

New Advances for Liquid-Fueled Rockets.

Although NASA engineers are working on radical new kinds of propulsion, like ion engines, nuclear rockets, and even solar sails, they're still tuning up the old standby liquid-fueled rocket. Current rockets burn a small amount of fuel into preburners which power pumps that force the rest of the fuel into the combustion chamber. A new strategy will be to run all the fuel through the preburners which will create higher pressures, and should give better performance from the rocket.

Spitzer's Portrait of Andromeda.

NASA's Spitzer space telescope took this amazing photograph of our neighbour galaxy, Andromeda. The image was made by stitching together 11,000 separate images of the Galaxy taken over the course of 18 hours of observations by Spitzer. Under Spitzer's Infrared gaze, Andromeda reveals an off centre ring of star formation and a spot where it looks like another Galaxy punched a hole as it passed through the galactic plane.

Ariane Rocket Blasts Off with Two Satellites.

An Ariane 5GS rocket lifted off from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana today. On board were two satellites: a Syracuse 3A defense satellite, built by Alcatel Alenia Space and a Galaxy 15 communications satellite built by Orbital Sciences Corporation. The satellites were released into their geostationary transfer orbits about 30 minutes after launch. This was the 23rd Ariane 5 launch.

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