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Most common element in the universe is hydrogen.

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Bumpy Dust Makes Molecular Hydrogen .

The most common element in the universe is hydrogen, and much of that is molecular hydrogen, where two atoms are bonded together. scientists have long puzzled over the question of why all this molecular Hydrogen is out there in space. Researchers from Ohio State University might have found the answer. They've developed a simulation that shows how molecular Hydrogen is more likely to form on interstellar grains of dust which are bumpy, and not smooth.

Sea Launch Launches Americas-8 Satellite.

A Zenit-3SL rocket blasted off from the Sea Launch platform today, carrying the Intelsat Americas-8 communications satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit. The rocket lifted off from the floating platform at 1403 UTC (10:03 am EDT), and the Block DM-SL upper stage separated without a hitch. The IA-8 satellite will provide broadcast and data services to the Americas, Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska.

June 25th Conjunction: Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Few celestial events attract such widespread media attention as what is inappropriately named a planetary alignment. Because of their orbits and distances from the sun, the planets do not actually line up. Occasionally however, two or more planets do appear to gather close together in the sky as seen from here on Earth. An event such as this is known as a planetary conjunction. Late June offers observers, especially those in the northern hemisphere, a chance to witness just such a conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

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