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Which came first, Galaxies or the supermassive black holes?

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supermassive black holes.
Which came first, Galaxies or the supermassive black holes?

A Star in the Making.

Named after Harvard University Astronomer Bart Bok, Bok globules may not be the most romantic sounding phrase in astronomy, but they are widely accepted as an important step in the formation of new stars. Now a team of fourteen Astronomers - headed by Ryo Kandori of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan - reports examining ten globules in near-infrared and radio-frequency light along with previously detected data from four others, to determine how many of them are stars in the making...

Early black holes Grew Up Quickly.

Which came first, Galaxies or the supermassive black holes at their centre? Most Cosmologists now think the two are inextricably linked, each depending on the other. And according to researchers, including famed Astronomer Sir Martin J Rees, these supermassive black holes got big, fast. By reviewing quasar data in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), the team has calculated that many supermassive black holes had reached 1 billion times the mass of our Sun in a very short period of time. Even for the largest, most voracious black holes in the Universe, that's an amazing feat.

18th Progress Lifts Off.

An unmanned Russian Progress cargo spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome Thursday evening, beginning its journey to resupply the International Space Station. On board the 18th Progress cargo ship are two tonnes of supplies, including food, water, air, fuel, equipment and personal items. The spacecraft will reach the station and dock automatically to the Zvezda module on Saturday.

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