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Stars - like people - are born, grow, mature, and die.

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The Search for Positronium.

If you could look into the sky with gamma ray eyes, you'd see gamma ray bursts, and other sources of gamma radiation across the night sky. If you could fine tune your eyes to only see a very specific colour of gamma rays, the one associated with the annihilation of matter and antimatter, you'd see wash of energy, but not coming from any specific location. Astronomers using the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL space telescope have developed one of the best pictures yet of this exotic energy.

Afterlife of a supernova.

Stars - like people - are born, grow, mature, and die. But out of stellar death comes new life, as matter freshly minted within such stars flies outward to join gases previously boiled off during its hey day. Based on extended Chandra observations of the oldest supernova discovered using X-ray technologies (SN 1970G), Astronomers think we might be watching a star in the transition phase between its old life as a giant blue star that went supernova, and its new life as a supernova remnant.

SMART-1 Finds Calcium on the Moon.

The European Space Agency's SMART-1 spacecraft has discovered deposits of calcium on the Moon for the first time. The discovery was made using the spacecraft's D-CIXS X-ray spectrometer, which can detect various elements on the lunar surface. SMART-1 is actually still in its calibration phase of its various instruments, so it should provide even more detailed results once it begins full operations.

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