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A neutron star or black hole should have formed.

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black hole.
A black hole.

Supernova Left No Core Behind.

When supernova 1987A blew up in the Large Magellanic Cloud, it was the closest supernova in over 300 years, and a great opportunity to study this rare occurrence close up. A neutron star or black hole should have formed at the centre of the expanding ring of debris, but so far, nobody can find it. A neutron star could be there, but it just isn't emitting any radiation, or sucking in any material from its surroundings, so it's invisible from here. If the neutron star had an accretion rate of even 1/5th the mass of the Moon every year, we'd be able to detect it.

Opportunity Rolls Free from the Dune.

When Opportunity got its wheels stuck in a sand dune more than a month ago, operators had no idea it would be so difficult to get it moving again. So they were relieved this weekend when Opportunity finally maneuvered its way out. It was very difficult for the rover to get any traction in the ripple-shaped dune, and its spinning wheels traveled the equivalent of 191 metres (629 feet). scientists now want to analyze the sand dune to understand why this one bogged down the rover, unlike dozens of other dunes it's rolled across without a problem.

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