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SpaceShipOne images and pics.

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Jun 23, 2004 In case you weren't one of the 10,000 plus people who made the trip to Mojave airport to watch Monday's launch of SpaceShipOne, here's a photo gallery of images from that amazing day. A special thanks to correspondent and photographer Tony Hesch for taking these amazing photos from the event. And a big thanks to Scaled Composites for giving universe Today backstage access to all the action. I really wish I could have made the trip myself... maybe next time.
A fleet of media trucks and their satellite dishes. The universe Today truck is just outside the frame... ;-)

SpaceShipOne and White Knight on the tarmac, just before takeoff.

SpaceShipOne and White Knight on takeoff.

The beginning of SpaceShipOne's 83 second rocket burn.

White Knight on flyby above the spectators.

Mike Melvill, after completing the successful flight to space.

Melvill, riding SpaceShipOne back to the press area.

Paul Allen, Mike Melvill and Burt Rutan in a post-flight debriefing.

Melvill showing off the first civilian Astronaut wings ever awarded.

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