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Venus picture Challenge.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the UniverseToday.com little Venus challenge. About two dozen of you took it on to head outside and snap a picture of Venus in your night sky. I love the international aspect of astronomy. No matter where on Earth you are right now, Venus is blazing in the night sky when the Sun goes down. How cool is that? I got photos from six continents, and many different countries. So, wherever you are, get out there and enjoy the night sky. Share your enthusiasm for space and astronomy with your friends.

Inta, Russia - Sergei Light.


Boston, Massachusetts - Kostian Iftica.

Kermanshah, Iran - Mohammad ali Khodayari,M.D..

Brisbane, Australia - Mark Wise.

Vukovar, Croatia - Jura Lukomski.

Ontario, Canada - Chris Bendia.

Johnston, Rhode Island - Robert Derouin.

Pocono Mountains, PA - Tom Bash.

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