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Huygens probe is deployed to Saturn's largest Moon Titan.

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How Huygens Will Land on Titan

Aug 29, 2003 - One significant event in the Cassini mission will be when the Huygens probe is deployed to Saturn's largest Moon Titan in early 2005. A team of scientists from the European Space Agency recently tested how their probe will perform on the long drop through Titan's atmosphere by dropping a replica here on Earth. The mock-up was dropped from an altitude of 33 km on a balloon and it used a parachute to slow its return to Earth. ESA controllers use the descent time to calibrate the instrumentation that will communicate with the real Huygens probe when it makes its visit to Titan. Visit News Source

Brazilian Disaster Seen From Space

Aug 29, 2003 - Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite took a picture of the Brazilian rocket disaster aftermath on August 24, 2003. Two days before this picture was taken, a mistake with a prototype rocket's engines caused it to fire unexpectedly and explode on the launch pad - 21 people were killed and more injured. IKONOS took a picture of the Alcantara launch facility two years ago which shows the area before the disaster. Visit News Source

Aug 29, 2003 - An unmanned Progress 12 supply ship launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to deliver a new cargo of 2.7 tonnes of food, fuel and water to the International Space Station. The Progress lifted off at 0148 GMT Friday (9:48 pm EDT Thursday) and reached orbit 10 minutes later. The station's previous Progress, filled with trash, was undocked to make room for the new cargo ship and commanded to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and burn up. Visit News Source

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