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Brazil Vows to Continue Space Research.

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Image credit: Space Imaging
Brazil Vows to Continue Space Research

Sep 3, 2003 - Brazil has pledged its renewed commitment to developing a rocket program in spite of the terrible disaster that killed 21 people at the Alcantra launch facility in August. They now plan to have a new rocket completed in 2006 and are willing to pay the $22 million required to repair the platform and equipment destroyed in the explosion. The government will also be compensating the families of the technicians who died in the accident and pay for the education of their children at university.

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Image credit: NASA
New Targets to Search For Life on Europa

Sep 3, 2003 - A new study of Jupiter's Moon Europa may help explain how giant ice domes can form on its surface; places which could contain life. The study predicts that impurities in the water, like salt or sulfuric acid, could be the mechanism that allows blobs of ice to be pushed up through the 13 km thick sheet of ice that covers a water ocean. These blobs could contain microbes that lived inside the ocean and they would be much more accessible to a lander than trying to pierce the moon's icy shell.

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Image credit: NASA
"Killer" asteroid will Miss

Sep 3, 2003 - Additional observations from Astronomers have decreased the likelihood to virtually zero that asteroid 2003 QQ47 will strike the Earth in 2014. The asteroid was first discovered on August 24 by the LINEAR observatory and Astronomers put its odds at 1 in 909,000 at hitting the Earth, but the additional observations on Monday night extended those odds to 1 in 2.2 million, which is below the background risk of asteroid strikes on any given year. If the 1.3 km asteroid were to strike the Earth, it would cause immense damage on a continental scale... but it won't.

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