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Sea Launch Heads Out.

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Image credit: Sea Launch
Sea Launch Heads Out

Aug 1, 2003 - The Odyssey platform and Sea Launch Commander departed home port in California to make the journey down to the Earth's equator in the Pacific Ocean. This time Sea Launch will loft the EchoStar IX/Telstar 13 broadcast satellite on board a Zenit-3SL rocket. The two-hour launch window is scheduled to begin on August 8 at 0331 GMT (11:31 pm EDT).

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Image credit: NASA
What to Do With Hubble?

Aug 1, 2003 - The Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most important scientific instruments ever created, is entering the final chapter of its life, and NASA is trying to figure out what they should do with it. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, and it's expected to continue operations until 2010, when it's replaced by the James Webb observatory which will launch in 2011. NASA has convened a special panel of experts to determine the best way to handle the transition.

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Image credit: NASA
Extreme Life Found in California Lake

Aug 1, 2003 - NASA scientists have discovered a new form of extreme-loving bacteria in California's inhospitable Mono Lake. Life has been known to live in the lake for quite a while, including tiny shrimp and other bacteria, but a new bacteria (Spirochaeta Americana) was found living deep in the lake's salty alkaline mud; where no oxygen could reach. The discovery is timely because Mono Lake shares some characteristics with Gustav Crater on Mars - the target for NASA's Spirit rover which will land in January.

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