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Galaxy Evolution Explorer Delivers First Images.

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Image credit: SALT
South African Observatory Nearing Completion

Jul 28, 2003 - The observatory that will house the largest optical telescope in the Southern hemisphere is nearing completion. The Southern African Large telescope (SALT) is being built by a consortium of six countries at the southern edge of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The 11-by-10 metre telescope is 18 months away from being done, but the structure of the observatory is nearly complete. The entire project will cost $18 million and be fully operational in late 2004.

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Image credit: ESA
Neutron star Has Twin Tails

Jul 28, 2003 - Astronomers using the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton space observatory have discovered a neutron star with two mysterious x-ray tails, stretching out almost a third of a light year. The neutron star is named Geminga, and it's one of the closest known Neutron stars, at a distance of only 500 light-years away. Unlike most Neutron stars, Geminga is strangely quiet in the radio spectrum, but pulsates huge quantities of gamma radiation.

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Image credit: NASA/JPL
Galaxy evolution Explorer Delivers First Images

Jul 28, 2003 - Launched in April, 2003, NASA's galaxy evolution Explorer has sent back its first images of star formation in hundreds of galaxies. The goal of the mission is to map the sky in the ultraviolet spectrum and help determine the evolution of star formation over the last 10 billion years - this singles out Galaxies that contain young, hot stars which produce a lot of energy in the ultraviolet spectrum. The mission is expected to last 28 months.

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