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Astronomers Map Dark Matter Halo.

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Image credit: Hubble
Astronomers Map Dark matter Halo

Jul 25, 2003 - Two Canadian and a US Astronomer have created a detailed map of the Halo of Dark matter that seems to surround all galaxies. The mass of Dark matter accounts for 50 times the mass and five times the size of the light-producing material in a galaxy. This flattened sphere-shaped Halo was seen by measuring how the gravity from a closer Galaxy bends the light from a distant object that passes behind it; a technique called gravity lensing.

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Image credit: NASA/JHU
Pluto Mission Will Fly on an Atlas V

Jul 25, 2003 - The first robotic mission to launch to the planet Pluto will be on board an Atlas V rocket, according to NASA. The New Horizons mission, built by NASA, the Southwest Research Institute and Johns Hopkins University is scheduled to take off in January 2006 and wouldn't reach the planet until 2015. New Horizons will take the first high-resolution photographs of Pluto, and help to answer key questions about its surface, atmosphere, and environment.

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Image credit: NASA
NASA Names the Next Crew for the Space Station

Jul 25, 2003 - NASA has named the next crew who will live on board the International Space Station. This time it's going to be Astronaut Michael Foale and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri; both have significant spaceflight experience. Expedition 8 will launch on board a Russian Soyuz rocket on October 18 and dock two days later. Spanish Astronaut Pedro Duque will also make the journey to the ISS, but then return 10 days later with the current ISS crew: Yuri Malenchenko and Ed Lu. ISS will continue to be staffed by two people until the Space Shuttle returns to regular flights.

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