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Unlocking the Secrets of Dwarf Galaxies.

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Image credit: UCSC
Unlocking the Secrets of Dwarf Galaxies

Jul 23, 2003 - A team of Astronomers from the University of Cambridge have been researching a rare group of galaxies, known as dwarf spheroidal galaxies, which seem to have few stars but massive amounts of "dark matter". The team analyzed one such Galaxy and found that the stars in the outer edges were moving so quickly that the Galaxy could only stay together if it had 100 times more Dark matter than the mass of the stars alone. This research will help Astronomers understand how Galaxies are formed and how Dark matter plays into their composition.

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Image credit: NASA
Board Reveals Why the X-43A Failed

Jul 23, 2003 - A NASA investigation board released its findings on Wednesday that revealed why the X-34A Hyper-X prototype failed during a test on June 2, 2001. The investigators found that various miscalculations built into the prototype collectively caused the mishap. The X-34A is an experimental program to develop an air breathing hypersonic aircraft that could eventually fly up to 10 times the speed of sound. The X-34A was attached to the front of a Pegasus rocket and launched from a modified B-52 bomber. Only 13 seconds into its flight the aircraft went out of control, and was destroyed.

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Image credit: Chinese Space Agency
100 Days Until Chinese Space Launch?

Jul 23, 2003 - The Chinese attempt to launch humans into space might only be 100 days away according to industry insiders. Rumors say that space officials have chosen which Astronaut will pilot the mission, Shenzhou-5, but his identity hasn't been revealed to the public yet. Fourteen astronauts have been in training at the Beijing Aerospace city for many months, but so far all of their identities have been kept secret. The Chinese Space Agency is notorious for secrecy, waiting until after spacecraft have launched before revealing details to the public.

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