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Stellar Clusters Found in Milky Way.

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Image credit: SDSS
Further Evidence Found for Dark Energy

Jul 22, 2003 - Since the discovery several years ago of a mysterious force, called dark energy, which seems to be accelerating the Universe, Astronomers have been searching for additional evidence to either support or discount this theory. Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have found fluctuations in cosmic background radiation that match the repulsive influence of dark energy.

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Image credit: ESO
Stellar Clusters Found in Milky Way

Jul 22, 2003 - Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory have found a whole new population of massive newborn stars inside a giant molecular cloud near the centre of the Milky Way. Inside the cloud are four massive stellar clusters with young stars as large as 120 times the mass of our Sun. This region, called W49, is one of the most energetic star forming regions of the Milky Way, and the recent observations help Astronomers better understand how these regions form.

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Image credit: NASA/JHU
NASA Updates Software on FUSE Spacecraft

Jul 22, 2003 - NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) satellite got a complete software upgrade this week to improve the precision of its observations. Software engineers from several groups have been working for two years to upgrade the software for the Attitude Control System, the Instrument Data System, and the processor on the Fine Error Sensor guide camera. The new software will even let the observatory work if some or all of its gyroscopes fail.

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Image credit: CfA
Warped Disk Formed Around Galaxy Centre

Jul 22, 2003 - Astronomers have found a distant Galaxy with a core shaped like a warped pancake around its central supermassive black hole. The disk contains 400,000 times the mass of the Sun, and got its strange shape because the black hole is spewing material in two broad cones. This is different from most black holes, which channel the outflow into a thin, fast-moving jet.

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