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Image credit: ANU
Dust Galaxies Discovered

Jul 16, 2003 - An Australian Astronomer has discovered 20 Galaxies that contain mostly gas, rather than stars - revising the definition of "galaxy". These Galaxies are giant discs of gas, tens of thousands of light-years across, and contain the mass of billions of sun, but for some reason their Hydrogen hasn't coalesced into stars like regular galaxies. The discovery of these gas Galaxies will help Astronomers better understand what it takes for a Galaxy to form.

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Image credit: SDSS
Galaxies and Their black holes Grow Together

Jul 16, 2003 - After surveying 120,000 nearby Galaxies as part of the Sloan Digital Survey, a team of Astronomers have found evidence that the growth of supermassive black holes at the heart of most Galaxies is closely matched to the rate of new star formation. The growth rate of the black holes was determined by measuring the amount of material being consumed at the heart of the galaxy. The actual nature of this relationship is still unknown, but future surveys will help to uncover more details.

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Image credit: UW-Madison
Neutrino-Seeking telescope Lodged in Ice

Jul 16, 2003 - A new telescope lodged in the ice of Antarctica has completed the first map of the high-energy neutrino sky. AMANDA II consists of 677 glass detectors in the shape of a cylinder sunk into the Antarctic ice at a depth greater than 500 metres. It actually looks down, through the entire Earth to view the Northern sky for neutrinos, which move at high velocity and pass through almost all matter unhindered. AMANDA II has discovered neutrinos with 100 times the energy of any produced in laboratory experiments on Earth.

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