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Design a Space Settlement for NASA.

Design a Space Settlement for NASA

Jun 26, 2003 - Is there a budding space colony designer in your household? Maybe it's time to put them to work. NASA Ames is having its annual Space Settlement Contest, which is open to anyone 11-18 years old around the world. Everyone who participates gets a certificate, and the winner's design will be showcased on the NASA Ames website. Submissions must be received by March 31, 2004, so you've got a little time. Click here to see all the information. Very cool stuff, if only Chloe was a few years older...

Image credit: Hubble
New Evidence that stars Form Like Dominos

Jun 26, 2003 - An international team of Astronomers have gathered new evidence to support the "domino theory" of star formation; that star formation occurs in sequence in Galaxies driven by the movements of gas and stars at the core. A new instrument attached to the 8m Gemini South Telescope, called CIRPASS, allowed the Astronomers to measure the composition of a whole range of stars at the centre of Galaxy M83. A detailed analysis of the data is now underway.

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Image credit: NASA
James Kennedy New Director for Kennedy Space Center

Jun 26, 2003 - James M. Kennedy was selected by NASA today as administrator of the agency's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. Prior to this assignment, Kennedy was the deputy director of NASA's George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama, and served as a project manager for the X-34 and DC-XA projects. He first joined NASA in 1968 and has received numerous awards during his tenure with the space agency.

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Image credit: NASA
Columbia Investigators Analyze NASA Culture

Jun 26, 2003 - Investigators into the Columbia disaster believe they understand the events that led to the destruction of the shuttle, that falling foam created a crack in a critical heat shield. Now they're looking into the culture and management in NASA to find out how to prevent problems from happening in the future. The accident investigation board said that fully half of their report will include will deal with management problems at NASA that could affect flight safety. The board hopes their recommendations will create a sense of urgency to help the agency create a safer replacement for the aging space shuttle.

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Image credit: Canadian Arrow
Astronauts Announced For Canadian Arrow

Jun 26, 2003 - A team of Canadian private rocket builders announced their Astronaut selection today, as part of their preparations to launch the Canadian Arrow - a ship based on the original V2 design used in World War 2. The six astronauts include three pilots, an aerospace engineer, a Ukrainian Astronaut (who was a backup for a 1997 Space Shuttle mission), and a 28-year old who has the potential to be the youngest Astronaut ever. The Canadian Arrow is considered one of the front-runners to win the X-Prize, which gives $10 million to the first private group to place a three-person team in space.

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