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First Light: An Introduction to Stargazing.

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First Light: An Introduction to Stargazing

Jun 18, 2003 - Interested in space and astronomy but you've never actually looked through a telescope? Until you've actually gone out and done some actual observing with your own two eyes, you won't know what you're missing. In this article, Fraser gives you a kick in the pants to get out there under the skies and start enjoying the heavens above. You don't need any special equipment or advanced university degrees, just some enthusiasm, a little time and the ability to look up.

Image credit: NASA
Second Mars Rover Launch Pushed Back a Day

Jun 17, 2003 - NASA announced on Tuesday that it would push back the launch of its second Mars rover, "Opportunity" one day; now tentatively scheduled for June 26. The delay was expected because of the delays with the previous rover, "Spirit". NASA wanted to give its engineers more time to prepare the Delta rocket for the second launch. The spacecraft has been packed up for launch and was moved to the launch pad Tuesday morning to be mated to the top of its Delta rocket. The other rover, Spirit, is working well now a week into its flight.

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Image credit: ISAS
Japanese Mars Mission Faces Critical Challenges

Jun 17, 2003 - With NASA's Mars Explorer and Europe's Mars Express missions well on their way to the Red Planet, many are forgetting the Japanese Nozomi spacecraft which was launched almost five years ago. It should have reached Mars a long time ago but a failed flyby of Earth forced the spacecraft to make another trip around to get enough speed. In April last year a solar flare damaged the spacecraft's heating system and disrupted communications. Even if it makes a final flyby of Earth this week, engineers will need to fix its broken systems so that it can go into orbit around Mars. If everything is fixed, Nozomi is expected to reach Mars in late December 2003 or early 2004.

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