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The Universe 365 Days.

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Book Review: The universe 365 Days

Jun 6, 2003 - If you've spend some time on the Internet, you've come across the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) website, run by astrophysicists Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell. Once a day they post up a space-related picture, provide a handy description. I've said to myself on several occasions, that these guys should write a book. Well, now they have.

Image credit: NASA
Mars Environment Changes More than Previously Thought

Jun 5, 2003 - A year's worth of observations from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft is starting to overturn some older theories about how environmentally active the Red planet is. Using Odyssey's Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), scientists were able to detect geological formations of lava and rock which were deposited under varying environmental condition. One example is kilometre wide sheets of bedrock which are being scoured bare by wind. If Mars were less active, they should be covered in sand and dust.

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Image credit: NASA
Earth Could Have Formed Quickly

Jun 5, 2003 - Our Earth might have formed a lot earlier that Astronomers previously believed, maybe as quickly as 10 million years after the birth of the Sun. In fact, all of the inner planets might have started forming as soon as 10,000 years after the Sun ignited 4.5 billion years ago. Within 10 million years, the Earth had reached 64 percent of its mass, and later collided with a Mars-sized object to provide additional mass and create the Moon. scientists originally believed that the Earth took 50 million years to form.

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Image credit: ESA
Mars Express Passes Another Crucial Stage

Jun 5, 2003 - Europe's mission to Mars continues with the next crucial step of Mars Express' journey out of the way. The clamps holding Beagle 2 tightly during launch were released over the course of 30 minutes on Thursday morning. If this phase had malfunctioned, Mars Express wouldn't have been able to release Beagle 2 when they reached Mars, ending the mission before it had begun. The spacecraft is expected to arrive at Mars in late December.

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Image credit: NASA
Thunderstorms Delay Shuttle Test

Jun 5, 2003 - Thunderstorms in Texas have forced investigators to push back a crucial test to determine if foam could actually cause the damage that destroyed the Space Shuttle Columbia in February. On this next test, they will fire a chunk of foam at a real shuttle wing, donated by the Space Shuttle Discovery. Investigators didn't want to risk getting their camera equipment wet from the driving rain, so they decided it was best to push the test back.

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