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Jupiter Gets Even More Satellites.

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Image credit: NASA
New Station Modules Arrive in Florida

Jun 4, 2003 - Two major components of the International Space Station arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida this week. Node 2, built by the European Space Agency, will increase the station's living and work space, while the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) will enhance its research capabilities. NASA engineers will perform integration tests over the course of the summer and then the modules will be moved to the KSC Space Station Processing Facility for a future launch on the space shuttle.

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Image credit: NASA
NASA Accepting More Astronaut Applications

Jun 3, 2003 - NASA announced last week that it is accepting new applications for Astronaut candidates. Mission specialists require a bachelor's degree and three years of appropriate experience, while pilot candidates also require a degree as well as 1,000+ hours piloting jet aircraft. After the applications are received, NASA will interview and evaluate the candidates for six months before announcing who will join the 2004 Astronaut Candidate Class.

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Image credit: UBC
Jupiter Gets Even More Satellites

Jun 3, 2003 - A team of Canadian Astronomers have discovered even more new satellites for Jupiter, giving the giant planet a total of 61 moons - 21 were discovered just this year. These new satellites are harder to detect because they're only 1-5 kilometres across and have wide, irregular orbits around Jupiter. The team took a mosaic of images around the entire sky of Jupiter, and then used a computer to search for points of light that had the motion of a Jovian moon.

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