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New Mission to Study the Earth's Clouds.

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Space Flight

New Mission to Study the Earth's Clouds

Image credit: NASA
CloudSat, a new satellite mission planned to launch in 2004, will use an advanced radar to study the properties of clouds. It will measure every aspect of the Earth's clouds, including thickness, height, water and ice content. Using its cloud-penetrating radar, it should be able to increase the accuracy of severe storm, hurricane and flood warnings. It will also fly in orbital formation with several other weather satellites to help form a more complete picture of the Earth's weather.

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Jan 19, 2003, 8:34pm

Space Flight

China Decides on October for Human Spaceflight

Image credit: Chinese Space Agency
Officials from the Chinese Space Agency announced on Friday that they tentatively plan to launch humans into space in October of 2003. China has already launched four prototype Shenzhou spacecraft, with the most recent being a virtual replica of a manned space capsule. According to reports, 14 experienced fighter pilots have been training to become taikonauts for years.

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Jan 19, 2003, 8:24pm

Space Flight

Shuttle Mission Host to Many Scientific Experiments

Image credit: NASA
The crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia have been busy over the last few days as they've been completing a series of scientific experiments. Once series of experiments, held in a specially built module, is designed to help scientists understand soot formation, oxidation and radiative properties of flames. There were also a group of biomedical experiments to test the human body's response to weightlessness.

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Jan 19, 2003, 8:14pm

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