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Earth's Third Moon Discovered.

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Earth's Third Moon Discovered

Image credit: NASA
An amateur Astronomer has discovered what could be a new object orbiting the Earth; maybe it's a recently captured space rock, or maybe it's just a remnant from the Apollo program. Whatever it is, the object, dubbed J002E2, seems to orbit the Earth every 50-days in a wide orbit. If it turns out to be natural, the object will become the Earth's 3rd Moon (and you only thought we had one), after Cruithne which was discovered in 1986 in a long erratic orbit. (BBC News Story)

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Sep 11, 2002, 8:33pm

Atlantis Returns to the Launch Pad

Image credit: NASA
The Space Shuttle Atlantis made the four-hour journey to its launch pad today, demonstrating that the shuttle fleet is ready to fly again. Atlantis and the rest of the fleet were grounded for the last few months so that technicians could weld tiny cracks that had formed along the shuttle's fuel lines. NASA also had to repair cracked bearings on the 37-year old transporter. Atlantis may launch as soon as October 2nd.

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Sep 11, 2002, 7:51pm

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