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Looking for More Earths.

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Looking for More Earths

Image credit: RAS
One of the most exciting fields of research in astronomy is the search for extrasolar planets, and eventually the search for other Earth-like planets. So far more than 100 planets have been discovered, but none are remotely similar to our home. At a recent meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society, Astronomers proposed criteria for searching for Earth-like planets, and even a few candidates. Unfortunately, the technology needed is still 15 years away.

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Apr 10, 2002, 6:26pm

The Odds for Space Tourism - Shorter than Ever?

Image credit: NASA
With 'space tourist' Mark Shuttleworth heading to the International Space Station this month, and other visits in the pipeline, space looks like being a busy place in 2002. But Tony Webb, founder of eSpaceLotto.com, wants to make it even busier. He talks about his program for raising the funds needed to make space tourism a reality for all.

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Apr 10, 2002, 4:14pm

Atlantis Docks with the Station

Image credit: NASA
After its second day in space, Atlantis caught up, and docked with, the International Space Station. Its seven-astronaut crew are preparing to add the next major component to the station: a 13.4 metre truss which will serve as a backbone for new modules to be installed in future missions. The first spacewalk is scheduled for tomorrow, when astronauts Steve Smith and Rex Walheim will exit the shuttle and help make the first connections between the truss and the station. Three additional spacewalks are planned.

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Apr 10, 2002, 4:12pm

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