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Hubble Reveals Blue Galaxy Ablaze with Star Formation.

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Hubble Reveals Blue Galaxy Ablaze with star Formation

Image credit: Hubble
A new photo released from the Hubble Space Telescope shows how Galaxy NGC 7673 is teeming with hot star nurseries. Located 150 million light years away in the constellation of Pegasus, each cluster in this new photograph contains thousands of infant stars burning at incredibly high temperatures. Astronomers aren't sure why this Galaxy is so active, but it could be because the Galaxy collided with another millions of years ago.

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Mar 25, 2002, 3:42pm

Chinese Launch Third Shenzhou Capsule

Image credit: Xinhua
The Chinese human-space flight program took another step forward today with launch of their third prototype Shenzhou capsule on board a new CZ-2F rocket. The official Chinese news agency said that the Shenzhou III functions identically to a manned craft, with a series of tests on board the craft designed to test how well it will support life. It's unknown when the craft will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. (BBC Story)

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Mar 25, 2002, 3:20pm

Progress Docks with Station

Image credit: NASA
After its successful launch on Thursday, an unpiloted Progress supply ship docked with the International Space Station on Sunday to deliver a cargoload of supplies including food, propellant and equipment. The Progress M1-8 docked with the Zvezda module at 2058 GMT (3:58pm EST), and the crew began unloading it today.

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Mar 25, 2002, 3:14pm

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