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Uranus Loses a Moon.

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Top 10 Space News Events for 2001

2001 was a busy year for Space exploration - from Dennis Tito's $20 million tourist trip to the International Space Station to NEAR's incredible landing on asteroid Eros. Join universe Today as we look back at the last year and remember the most important events that shaped the space industry during 2001... in no particular order, and based solely on Fraser's fickle judgement.

Uranus Loses a Moon

A tiny Moon just 40 km across has lost its status as an official Moon of Uranus when the Hubble Space Telescope failed to see it during a recent survey. The object was originally noticed in 1999 when an Astronomer spotted it in a series of images taken by the Voyager spacecraft 13 years earlier. Because the object, known as S/1986 U 10, was only seen once, the International Astronomical Union wants additional verification before including it.

Russian Rocket Launches Six Satellites

A Tsyklon 3 rocket blasted off from Russia on Friday, carrying six satellites: three Gonets D1 civilian communications satellites, and three Kosmos military satellites. These will join six others already in orbit, and are expected to remain operational until 2004. The rocket launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, about 1,200 kilometers north of Moscow.

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