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NASA Advisory Council Recommends Station Cutbacks.

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Syracuse University
Senate Confirms O'Keefe as NASA Chief

The senate approved President Bush's nomination of Sean O'Keefe, a former Navy secretary and Defense Department comptroller, to head NASA on Thursday. O'Keefe has stated his intentions for NASA to the US government, and said that he plans to deal with the agency's budget overruns while maintaining its committment to scientific progress. O'Keefe replaces former administrator Dan Goldin who stepped down on November 17th.

Space Station
NASA Advisory Council Recommends Station Cutbacks

The NASA Advisory Council recently announced that they recommend scaling back the International Space Station program, as "its huge cost overruns cannot be excused and must not be ignored". The council recommended that NASA reduce the scope of the station, and only make it large enough to hold three astronauts - not a crew of seven, as originally planned. Although the council's recommendations aren't binding, they do carry considerable weight.

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