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Odyssey's Getting a Rough Ride.

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The End of Deep Space 1

After more than three years in space, and a close encounter with Comet Borrelly, NASA's Deep Space 1 will be shut down later today. This will end the mission of a spacecraft designed to test future space equipment, including an ion engine, automatic navigation, and a collection of other prototype technologies. NASA is proud of the accomplishments of the $152 million spacecraft, and feels they "squeezed far, far more out of DS1 than ever expected."

Mars Pole
Odyssey's Getting a Rough Ride

Even though it recently completed its 100th orbit around the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Odyssey is still having rough sailing as it passes through the planet's turbulent atmosphere. When it first entered Mars' atmosphere in October, the spacecraft took 18.6 hours to orbit the planet; now it only takes 6.32 hours. NASA is discovering that the atmosphere changes dramatically depending on the altitude, latitude and longitude, and adjusts accordingly for every pass. Odyssey has 200 more orbits to go before it reaches its final position in mid-January.

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