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Mars Odyssey Finds Water.

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Mars Odyssey Finds Water

Even while it's still aerobraking into orbit around the Red Planet, the Mars Odyssey spacecraft has returned some useful data. NASA scientists say that the spacecraft has found deposits of Hydrogen on the surface of Mars, which might indicate extensive deposits of water ice. Odyssey is now two-thirds of the way through its aerobraking procedure, and should arrive in a proper orbit by mid-January, when it will begin a much more extensive analysis of the planet.

Endeavour Crew Packs Up, Prepares for Departure

The crew of Expedition 3 spent the day packing garbage into Endeavour's Leonardo cargo module. Although transfer of command to Expedition 4 happened on Saturday, the official ceremony happens this afternoon. Frank Culbertson, Mikhail Tyurin and Vladimir Dezhurov will board Endeavour on Saturday, undock from the station, and then return to Earth on Monday.

How the universe Will End

A new theory from theoretical astrophysicist Abraham Loeb predicts that our Galaxy has a lonely future ahead. Most Astronomers agree that the universe is expanding; not only that, Galaxies are actually accelerating away from each other because of some unknown force expanding the universe. In another 100 billion years, the rest of the universe will be so far away and moving away from us at nearly the speed of light, that only a few nearby Galaxies will be visible.

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