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Chandra Views Venus in New Light.

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Progress Docking Problem Delays Shuttle Launch

NASA has decided to delay the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour 24 hours because the recently launched unmanned Progress cargo ship has failed to dock correctly with the International Space Station. Although it is attached, the Progress doesn't have a "hard lock" with the station, so engineers will work on the problem today. Endeavour is now scheduled to launch Saturday morning at 0041 GMT (7:41pm EST Friday). The shuttle will carry the crew of Expedition 4 to the ISS, as well as 6,000 US flags which will later be delivered to the victims of the September 11th tragedy.

Chandra Views Venus in New Light

Astronomers have captured the first X-ray image of the planet Venus, taken by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The photograph provides new insights into Venus' atmosphere, as the X-rays reflect clouds at a different altitude than visible light. Observing Venus with Chandra was extremely difficult because the planet is always close to the Sun when seen from the Earth.

Comet Borrelly
Comet Borrelly stars in Brief Video

NASA scientists have pieced together a series of photographs taken by Deep Space 1 when it passed by Comet Borrelly to produce brief video animations. In one clip, the Comet wobbles back and forth to show the textures on its surface, and in another jets of gas and dust shoot from the nucleus as it turns. The images were taken when DS1 was between 22,500 and 4,980 kilometers away from the comet.

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