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Galileo Swoops Past Io.

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Galileo Swoops Past Io

NASA's Galileo spacecraft made its closest pass of Io, Jupiter's closest moon, on Monday night. The spacecraft passed the moon's south pole at an altitude of only 180 km, taking measurements that will help scientists understand Io's molten interior. Flight controllers say that the data gathered this week will take several months to receive back on Earth. Galileo will continue to explore Jupiter and its moons until 2003 when it will be crashed into the gas giant.

Military Purchases satellite Photos of Afghanistan

The United States military has purchased the rights to all images taken of Afghanistan by Space Imaging Inc, using its IKONOS satellite. This license prevents Space Imaging from selling images of the area to anyone, or reselling any photos ordered by the military. The multimillion dollar licensing deal will provide the military with another set of reconnaissance images (with much lower resolution than their own military satellites), but more importantly, prevent anyone else from watching the area.

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