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Giant Dust Storm Obscures Mars.

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Space News for October 12, 2001

Giant Dust Storm Obscures Mars

The latest photograph from the Hubble Space Telescope shows how one of the most intense dust storms ever seen is ravaging the surface of Mars. Both Hubble and the Mars Global Surveyor saw the storm begin in June and grow to engulf the entire planet - it's just now beginning to wane. The Mars Odyssey spacecraft is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks, and can assist observation if the storm is still going on.

Shuttle Launch
Shuttle Mission will Honour Tragedy Victims

NASA announced this week that the Space Shuttle Endeavour will carry 6,000 U.S. flags into orbit when it launches at the end of November. When the shuttle returns to Earth in 2 weeks, NASA will distribute the flags to the families of the victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Endeavour will also deliver the crew of Expedition Four to the International Space Station, and return Expedition Three back to Earth.

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