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Proposals Coming in For Next Generation Space Telescope.

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Space News for October 10, 2001

3D Aquifer graphic
U. Arizona
Researchers Discover Giant Aquifer on Mars

A comprehensive 10-year study has led University of Arizona researchers to believe that there is an ancient drainage basin and aquifer system in one of the more geologically active regions of Mars. They estimate that the basin is the size of the United States, and parts of it may still have near-surface water, and possibly even life.

Atlas Launch
Lockheed Martin
Air Force Readies Another Secret Satellite

For the third time in less than a month, the US Air Force will launch a top-secret spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. The satellite launch, carried by a Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket, is scheduled Thursday morning some time after 0215 GMT (10:15pm EDT). As before, the identity and purpose of the satellite is unknown, but industry experts believe it will perform a data communications role - but it might also be capable of eavesdropping on ground communications.

Telescope Image
Proposals Coming in For Next Generation Space Telescope

Various teams, including Lockheed Martin, have submitted their proposals to NASA to help develop NASA's Next Generation Space telescope (NGST), targeted for launch in 2009. Construction of the space-based observatory will cost much less than the Hubble Space Telescope, but it will be capable of seeing objects 400x fainter than current ground/space-based observatories.

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