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Titan Launches with Top Secret Payload.

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Space News for October 8, 2001

Cosmonauts Attach Pirs Module

Russian cosmonauts spent the day in space, working to complete the newly arrived Pirs Module to the International Space Station - this is the first spacewalk to happen on the station without a Space Shuttle docked. Mikhail Tyurin and Vladimir Dezhurov attached a 12-metre crane for cargo transport, a climbing ladder, hand rails and thermal insulating covers. Pirs will provide the station with an additional docking port as well as a staging area for spacewalks to the Russian areas of the station.

Titan launch
Titan Launches with Top Secret Payload

A Lockheed Martin-build Titan 4B lifted off Friday afternoon from Vandenberg Air Force Base, carrying a top secret payload into space. The launch occurred at 2121 GMT (5:21pm EDT), and was only delayed for 2 minutes for the rocket could avoid space debris. Although the Air Force isn't releasing details about the satellite cargo, industry experts believe it carries an advanced spy satellite which will replace an aging Keyhole satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office.

Space Station
Russians Deny Second Space Tourist

Russian space officials announced that they have rejected a tourist flight to the International Space Station by South African Internet millionaire, Mark Shuttleworth. The potential space tourist went through the tests and training, but the deal fell through because of his "unreasonable demands". Space Adventures, the group that is facilitating the deal, says that there is no indication that negotiations have ended.

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