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Comet Borrelly Images Released.

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Space News for September 25, 2001

Comet Borrelly
Comet Borrelly Images Released

NASA has released stunning images of Comet Borrelly taken by Deep Space 1 as it passed within 2,000 km of the Comet on Saturday. Technicians from NASA are very happy with the brief set of 30 images, and consider them to be even better quality than the images taken of Comet Halley in 1986 by the Giotti spacecraft. Visiting the Comet wasn't part of Deep Space 1's original mission, so it didn't have the shielding to fly through the hail of particles left in the comet's wake - so far, the spacecraft appears to have come through the flyby undamaged.

Solar Flare Hits Earth, Scrubs Launch

The Sun aimed a giant solar flare at the Earth on Monday causing NASA to delay the launch of the Kodiak star mission. The flare is expected to reach the Earth Tuesday evening, and should produce northern lights across much of Northern Hemisphere. The launch of the Athena rocket from Kodiak Island, Alaska has been pushed back to Thursday, when NASA feels the solar flare won't disrupt the rocket's guidance system.

New Images of Mars Released

To help mark its 4th year of operation above the Red Planet, NASA has released a new set of images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. These latest images show the planet's southern polar ice cap as well as the giant dust storm that is currently obscuring much of the planet from view. If all goes well, Surveyor will be joined by the Mars Odyssey orbiter late next month.

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