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Deep Space 1 Passes Comet Borrelly.

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Space News for September 24, 2001

Deep Space 1
Deep Space 1 Passes Comet Borrelly

NASA's Deep Space 1 reached Comet Borrelly on Saturday, and began transmitting black-and-white images of the comet's nucleus back to Earth. The fragile spacecraft flew within 2,000 kilometres of the comet, and gathered data and 32 images with four separate instruments. The spacecraft has a very small antenna, so it will take several days before all the images are transferred back to Earth - but from what they've seen so far, NASA technicians are very impressed.

Taurus Launch
Orbital Sciences
QUIKTOMS Launch Fails

NASA was disappointed on Friday when the failure of a Taurus rocket destroyed the QuickTOMS ozone monitoring spacecraft. The Taurus lifted off at 1849 GMT (2:49 EDT) from Vandenberg Air Force Base and appeared to be working properly, but several seconds after it jettisoned its first stage, the rocket veered off course. By the time controllers could get the rocket back on course, it was unable to take the satellite into its required orbit. It's believed the satellite crashed back into the atmosphere somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Kodiak Launch facility
Kodiak star Due for Launch Monday Evening

After a brief delay, NASA's Kodiak star is ready for launch Monday evening at 0130 GMT (9:30pm EDT) from Kodiak Island, Alaska. A problem with the tracking radar scrubbed the launch on Saturday, but it has been repaired and is now working properly. The launch will use a Lockheed-Martin Athena rocket to carry four small satellite payloads into orbit. Poor weather in Alaska could delay the launch again.

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