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Hubble Takes a Look at the Popular Horsehead Nebula.

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April 24, 2001

Endeavour Crew Meets up with Station Astronauts

Hubble Takes a Look at the Popular Horsehead Nebula

NASA Clears Tito to Visit the Station

Odyssey Snaps a Picture of Earth as it Leaves


Endeavour Crew Meets up with Station Astronauts

Although they've been docked together for several days, the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station finally opened up the airlock and shook hands. The pressure on Endeavour was kept lower during Sunday's spacewalk, so the airlock couldn't remain open. They closed the hatch again for today's spacewalk, and will open it up again after. Endeavour is scheduled to leave the station on Saturday, and will land in Florida two days later.

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Hubble Takes a Look at the Popular Horsehead Nebula

To celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope's 11th year in space, operators aimed the space-based observatory at one of the most popular deep sky objects: the Horsehead Nebula, located inside the constellation of Orion. The Horsehead, also known as Barnard 33, is a cold, dark cloud of gas and dust, silhouetted against the bright nebula, IC 434. Hubble was launched on April 24, 1990 on the Space Shuttle Discovery, and deployed into a 580km high orbit a day later.

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NASA Clears Tito to Visit the Station

Only four days before launch, space tourist Dennis Tito has received official approval from NASA that he will be permitted to come on board the International Space Station when his Soyuz docks in early May. A NASA announcement cleared the way for his visit when the space station partners made a special "exemption" for Tito. Tito and two cosmonauts will launch on board a Russian Soyuz rocket on Saturday, and will hook up with the ISS two days later - as legal guests.

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Odyssey Snaps a Picture of Earth as it Leaves

NASA's Odyssey spacecraft took its first picture last week - a shot of a beautiful crescent Earth - as it sped away towards its final destination of Mars. The image was taken as part of the calibration process for the thermal emission imaging system; one of the cameras the spacecraft will use to look at Mars when it arrives. Odyssey is currently 4.6 million kilometres from Earth and travelling at a rate of 3.3 km/second.

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