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Three New Extrasolar planets Discovered.

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December 12, 2000

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Endeavour Lands Safely

Three New extrasolar planets Discovered

Mir Entrepreneurs Hatch a New Strategy


After an 11-day mission installing solar panels on space station Alpha, the Space Shuttle Endeavour landed safely in Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA was worried that rain or clouds would delay the landing, but good weather held up, and the shuttle touched down at 6:03pm EST (11:03pm GMT). The installation of the solar panels was the most complex stage of the station's construction so far. The next segment will be the American Destiny laboratory module, delivered on board Atlantis in January.

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THREE NEW extrasolar planets DISCOVERED

Astronomers using the 4-m Anglo-Australian telescope (AAT) near Coonabarabran, Australia have discovered three new planets orbiting distant stars. The first is known as a "hot Jupiter", 84% the size of Jupiter, but extremely close to its star. The second lies in an almost Earthlike orbit, where liquid water could exist; however, it's also a Jupiter class planet, so almost certainly a gas giant. The third planet is almost twice the size of Jupiter, and orbits out past the distance of Mars from the Sun.

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ExtraSolar Planets

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Confidential sources reported to MSNBC that MirCorp is planning on changing its focus from 15-year old Mir, to the Russian elements of space station Alpha. This new strategy is necessary because the Russian space agency has decided to deorbit Mir in early 2001. MirCorp is expected to announce its revised strategy on Wednesday.

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Russian Federal Space Agency

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Black River Astronomical Society - http://junior.apk.net/~arstar50/BlackRiver.index.html

An Ohio club for amateur Astronomers from beginners to veterans.

University of South Carolina - http://astro.physics.sc.edu

Department of physics and astronomy

UK Solar physics Newsletters - http://www.shef.ac.uk/~uksp

CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications - http://www.cossa.csiro.au

co-ordinates and conducts research in Earth Observation science.

Science Mall-USA - http://store.yahoo.com/scimall-usa

Earth and Space Science Study and Collector Sets: Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Stars, meteorite Impact Craters, Volcanoes, Oceans, Chemistry, Periodic Table; Rare Samples, Space Mousepads, Books and Slides.

Hames Gallery - http://www.hamesgallery.com

Astronomical art on stretched canvas done in oil, acrylic and airbrush. Commissions accepted too.

Moore Observatory - http://www.MooreObservatory.com

James and Barbara Moore Observatory Port Charlotte Campus of Edison Community College. Offers Public Observing and astronomy Courses.

AstroArts - http://www.astroarts.com

Monthly Calendar for Amateur Astronomer, Photo gallery, Products etc.

Cosmic Images - http://www.netsync.net/users/ronccd

This site displays recent lunar, planetary and deep space images taken at Kohl Observatory.

Susquehanna Valley Amateur Astronomers - http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/2999/

located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Astronomical Society of Victoria - http://www.gsat.edu.au/astrovic

Australia's largest amateur society going back to 1922 and based in Melbourne in south east Australia.

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