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New Evidence of Ancient Lakes on Mars.

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December 5, 2000

The Neptune File, by Tom Standage

Tom Standage's The Neptune File is an account of the simultaneous discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846 by two mathematicians, John Couch Adams and Urbain Jean-Joseph Le Verrier, as well as the subsequent controversy over their rival claims. Adams and LeVerrier used different mathematical methods to predict the position of the planet based upon perturbations in the orbit of Uranus, marking the first time the position of a planet was deduced rather than fortuitously discovered. Unfortunately, when the planet was actually sighted based on the predictions, this led to a situation where both mathematicians had a simultaneous stake in the discovery and a international uproar resulted as France and England pressed their representative's rival claims. While the actual material on Neptune itself is perhaps a little too lean to bear an entire book, Standage sets his story carefully in context, taking us through the entire history of planet hunting, from the chance discovery of Uranus to recent discoveries of extra-solar planets, peppering the story with lively sketches of all the important figures, as well as anecdotes, theories, and predictions. The Neptune File is both accesible, intelligent popular science and an interesting account of the personalities involved in the discoveries that pushed back the frontiers of the universe from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

- review by Piers Brown.

NASA Announces New Evidence of Ancient Lakes on Mars

Astronauts Extend the Second Wing

Atlas 2A Will Launch Later Today


NASA Announces New Evidence of Ancient Lakes on Mars

Scientists from NASA and Malin Space Science Systems announced yesterday that the Mars Global Surveyor has revealed evidence of deep layers of sedimentary rock on the surface of Mars - layers that could have been formed by ancient lakes on the planet's surface. The photos taken by Surveyor clearly show horizontal deposits, which is a common feature of sedimentary rock created by water action. The scientists believe water had a series of lakes 4.3 to 3.5 billion years ago.

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Astronauts Extend the Second Wing

The crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavor successfully extended the second wing of space station Alpha's solar panels this morning. Unlike the first panel, which isn't completely taut, the second panel suffered no problems as it extended, possibly because the crew used a technique of stopping and starting the wing as it extended. Both wings are now generating electricity properly. The astronauts are due to make another spacewalk later today.

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Atlas 2A Will Launch Later Today

An Lockheed Martin Atlas 2A rocket carrying a secret National Reconnaissance Office satellite is expected to launch tonight from Cape Canaveral between 1:14-3:12am GMT. Military space experts believe this satellite is a data relay satellite designed to beam reconnaissance imagery from the fleet of NRO satellites.

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