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Atlantis Lifts Off.

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September 8, 2000

A quick note...

I had a great chat a couple of days back with a friend of mine who's developing a closed greenhouse environment in Alaska (kind of like Biosphere 2, but cheaper), and it reminded me that I should support more low-budget Space exploration in this newsletter. Sure, I'll keep mentioning NASA news, Hubble pictures, and Proton launches, but I'd like to inject more news about the bootstrap research that's going on out there, because I want more people to realize that everyone can get involved in space exploration.

If you work in a company, or you own a company, or you like a company that's working on Space exploration send me your press releases. I'm looking for information on private (non-government) companies working on cool projects. Here are a few examples of companies that I'm rooting for:

Rotary Rocket (http://www.rotaryrocket.com), Scaled Composites (http://www.scaled.com), Rocket Guy (http://www.rocketguy.com although, I really can't endorse this kind of suicidal behaviour... much)

Mars Society - http://www.marssociety.org (official disclaimer: I'm a member of the Mars Society; although, I can't for the life of me get anyone at the organization to answer my emails, and tell me how I can pitch in, so I guess I'll just keep mentioning their society until the Karma piles up.)

I'm throwing my journalistic integrity out the door here, but hey, easy come, easy go.

Extra newsletter coverage for cool, bootstrapped, backyard, creative, cash-strapped space exploration. 'nuff said.

Now that I've got you hooked, here comes the sales portion of this newsletter:

If you haven't heard, you can add the complete text of universe Today to your own website - for FREE. Just insert one piece of code into a page on your website, and from that point on, whenever I update universe Today, your site is automatically updated. Not just links, but the full text of universe Today right there... on your website, in all its glory.

It'll look like you're the one writing all that space content - people will wonder where you find the time to maintain such fresh space news, to write the hard-hitting investigative reports, and to keep your finger on the pulse of space exploration.

Here's an example of a site running this syndicated content.


Atlantis Lifts Off

Making Space Elevators a Reality


Despite threatening weather, the Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 12:46pm GMT. During the 11-day mission, the 7-person crew, which included two Russian cosmonauts, will dock with the International Space Station and prepare it for permanent residents later this year. In addition to transferring cargo from the shuttle and an already docked Progress supply ship, the crew will perform several spacewalks to connect the newly attached modules together. Discovery Channel Online has a video link to the launch. http://play.rbn.com/?dcionline/dcionline/demand/news/200009media/sts106.rm

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Popularized by science fiction author Arthur C. Clark, the idea of a space elevator has been around for a while. Connect one end of a cable to the Earth, and another to an asteroid positioned just beyond geostationary orbit, and you've got the cheapest theoretical way to get objects into space - just under $2 a kilogram. New advances in materials bring the concept closer to reality.

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