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Does Titan have Ice Mountains.

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August 17, 2000

Okay folks, it's time to take some action.

I don't know if you've heard about this yet, but a very successful space telescope, the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE), is slated for an early reentry by NASA - probably as soon as the end of this year. Although the observatory would normally reenter the atmosphere in 2001-2002, NASA has decided to bring it down early because of general budget tightening for research and development analysis (R&DA) activities. This is a shame, because up until now, the EUVE has performed flawlessly, and has been a highly productive scientific tool - another year+ would add to the data collected significantly.

The Berkeley team that manages that observatory is looking for public support to help let NASA and politicians know about the negative impact this decision would make. If they can't save the EUVE from early destruction, at least they can help keep the funds flowing for R&DA activities. If you want to get involved, follow this link, as it provides suggestions on how to help.


Titan Launch Delayed, Reset for Tonight

Does Titan have Ice Mountains?

Canadian Space Arm Ready to Go


The launch of a classified satellite on board a Titan 4B rocket has been delayed for one day because of a problem with the ground equipment that monitors the booster. The secret cargo is thought to be a radar-imaging reconnaissance satellite, but this is just speculation based on the vehicle and payload shroud. The launch is set for 11:45pm GMT from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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A team of Astronomers believe they've discovered a mountain range on the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, the University of Arizona team imaged an area the size of Australia on the frigid moon, which clearly showed a bright spot - one explanation could be ice mountains shaped by methane rain. Everything should be cleared up when the Cassini probe arrives at Saturn in 2004 and deploys a probe that will descend into Titan's atmosphere.

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A Canadian-designed and built mechanical arm is ready to fly up to the International Space Station. Known as the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS), the 17-metre arm will transfer payloads to and from the station, and generally assist its construction. The SSRMS will be launched to the station on board Space Shuttle mission STS-100, due to launch April 2001. The process of mating the arm to its carrier is being broadcast live from the Kennedy Space Center.

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A few more astronomy clubs, web pages and space societies.

Jordanian Astronomical Society - http://www.jas.org.jo/

At JAS homepage you can find much of our activities, such as camps, astronomical days, conferences, festivals, etc. Also, there is a special section entitled "Observing the sky"; which contains information about the planets, crescents, meteors, etc. In addition, at our site you shall find several reports, articles, information, and data.

A Teapot in Paradise - http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/~teapot/

Articles and information related to astronomy with an educational emphasis and a New Zealand flavour

OSU astronomy Club - http://www.okstate.edu/osu_orgs/ac/index/

viewing schedules, orbital mechanics, and other astronomical items of interest to those near Oklahoma State University.

Glenn's Astro Images - http://www.silcom.com/~gelliott/

Astro Images and observatory building

The telescope Store - http://www.telescopes-earth.com

Meade and Celestron Telescopes and accessories. Great Prices! Knowlegeable Staff!

Cosmiverse - http://www.cosmiverse.com

Cosmiverse is the premier portal for space and science enthusiasts.

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