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Strange Lights Seen on the Moon.

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I apologize for the shortage of info so far this week, but it's been a really slow week for space and astronomy news. Could someone please launch or discover something? I'd really appreciate it.

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Strange Lights Seen on the Moon

Next Mir Mission Planned

Observing Bumps on the Sun


A French Astronomer has obtained definite proof that clouds of light can sometimes be seen on the surface of the moon. scientists have long believed that the Moon is a completely inactive, dead world, but Astronomers have claimed to see strange lights dancing across the surface. Known as Transient Lunar Phenomena, the strange glow could be caused by escaping gas that lifts dust above the lunar surface into the sunlight.

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A new mission to the Mir space station later this year is in the works. Although, the exact launch date is still unknown, cosmonauts Pavel Vinogradov and Salizhan Sharipov should arrive by the end of November. The current cosmonauts on board will return to Earth at the end of this week.

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New research gained by using the Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) experiment on the ESA-NASA SOHO spacecraft has led Astronomers to believe that the Sun is covered with evenly spaced bumps, 100 meters high and 90,000 kms apart. It's believed these bumps are caused by an effect known as the Rossby waves, which produce a grid pattern of solar cyclones across the surface of the sun.

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Nearby Field Galaxy Survey - http://www.astro.rug.nl/~nfgs

A photometric and spectrophotometric reference atlas of the observable properties of ~200 nearby field galaxies.

HUT Laboratory of Space Technology - http://www.space.hut.fi

The Laboratory of Space Technology of Helsinki University of Technology is specialized in remote sensing applications by radiometers.

Bad Air and Space Museum - http://www.badairandspace.com

"A futuristic vision of an Outer space skid row. - Los Angeles Times"

Star astronomy - http://www.starastronomy.org/

STAR astronomy is a non-profit astronomy club located in Monmouth County, NJ

Caelum et Terra - http://mahler.brera.mi.astro.it/

Our site is devoted to historical scientific education, in particular concerning astronomy. You can find, for example, some digitalized ancient astronomical atlases and other educational material...

Cerulean Freight Forwarding Co - http://www.nvinet.com/~cffc/page2.htm

CFFC provides both sub orbital hops and orbiting flights for passengers and cargo we will be selling kit spacecraft for the high end aerospace homebuilt

Renfrewshire Astronomical Society - http://www.renfrewshire-as.co.uk

A well established friendly Society who's main goal is in helping the general public understand and enjoy astronomy

Astronomical Society of Rowan County - http://members.dialstar.com/asrc

The ASRC is a non-profit educational organization with a focus on astronomy, founded in June 1981.

AIT Internet-Shop - http://www.ait-trading.com/

German Mail-Order Dealer for MEADE, CELESTRON, VIXEN, INTES, CANON, PENTAX, DAYSTAR, Astronomy-Software, Accessories.

Space and Human Survival - http://www.teleport.com/~sengdahl/space.htm

The views of science fiction author Sylvia Engdahl on why expansion into space is essential to human survival.

Astroguy - http://www.astroguy.com/

CCD imaging, Imaging Techniques, Cookbook TC245 CCD camera info, Rolloff Observatory

Len's Astronomical CyberSPACE - http://philpot.org Educational and general resources for observational amateur astronomy

UK ATM Resources - http://www.aegis1.demon.co.uk/atm.htm *THEone-stop resource for UK ATMs. Suppliers, FAQs, advice for beginners, and selected links.

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