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Compton Crashes Back to Earth.

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Would you like to help broadcast an eclipse on the Internet?

On July 16th, 2000 there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible from a large portion of the West Coast of North America, the Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Most of us won't be able to see it live, so I'm putting together a network of webcams to broadcast the event to the geographically challenged. If you'd like to participate, you need to do three things:

1. Check to see if you'll be in an area for the eclipse:


2. You need to own some kind of camera and video capture software and know how to put the images on a website. Here are a couple of articles on the subject:



3. Let me know that you want to participate, and I'll get back to you with instructions on how to take part.

Careful though, eclipse chasing can be addictive.

On a completely unrelated topic:

Here's a cool resource for job seekers. Pierre Oppetit over at Space Careers has put together a new Jobs Store that is so comprehensive, I thought I'd give it a quick mention. Pierre combs through the job postings of every aerospace company and space agency in the industry, and puts together a listing of all the jobs they have posted (usually in the 300-500 range of jobs). Each week's report costs $2.50, so you only need to pick up a report when you're actively searching for a new career.

Check it out: http://www.spacelinks.com/JobsStore.html?ut

Compton Crashes Back to Earth

NASA Signs Multimedia Contract

Astronomers Discover star Collisions Could Be Common


The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory became a molton mass of shrieking metal as it plunged through the atmosphere Sunday morning, and rained debris into the Pacific Ocean - a job well done. The observatory was crashed on purpose by NASA to prevent a future unpredictable crash should it lose another gyro. Sunday death ends nine years of ground breaking gamma ray research. At least it looks like everything went safely.

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NASA has announced a "$100 million deal" with Californian company Dreamtime, to produce high-definition TV footage of shuttle missions. The deal doesn't include any cash, but Dreamtime will sell the images it produces to commercial interests. NASA solicited proposals 6 months ago for this project, and selected Dreamtime out of 12 candidates.

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Astronomers used to thing that collisions between stars happened very rarely, but new evidence by a team from Villanova University indicate they may happen all the time, with catastrophic results. The collisions are far more likely for stars at the center of a Galaxy than the outer reaches (where our Sun is located). Some researchers believe that these colliding stars could be the cause of giant gamma ray explosions.

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AlienResistance.org - http://www.AlienResistance.org

Biblical perspectives and counseling relating to the abduction phenomenon.

Sheffield Astronomical Society, UK - http://www.saqqara.demon.co.uk/sas/sashome.htm

Delivering astronomy to the residents around the Sheffield area in the United Kingdom

Western Colorado astronomy Club - http://www.wic.net/WCAC

pictures by members and links to others, articles and much more

B~Hive Cafe/Eyes on Space - http://www.geocities.com/area51/lair/1885

Updates from Way Outer Space, Mission out of Control, Space Debris, Pic of the Month, Conspiracy Corner, Final Cut

Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio - http://radio.cbc.ca/programs/quirks

Program information, science links and all recent episodes in Real Audio from CBC's national science radio program.

Planet Mars Home Page - http://personalwebs.myriad.net/tgunn

Worldwide Non-Government Mars Settlement Project

Rotary Rocket Company - http://www.rotaryrocket.com

Miami University astronomy Club - http://www.muohio.edu/~astro

Links to useful sites plus current event information and pictures.

Glens Astronomical Page - http://www.goliver.freeserve.co.uk

General Astronomy, telescope making, Deepsky observing.

Cosmic Images - http://www.netsync.net/users/ronccd

This site displays recent lunar, planetary and deep space images taken at Kohl Observatory.

Night Sky Over the Palm Beaches at the South Florida - http://www.sfsm.org/nspb.htm

a daily live tour of south Florida skies.

ALL THE RIGHT STUFF - http://www.alltherightstuff.com

Unique space themed toys, gifts, party supplies, inflatables and more.

Torun Centre for astronomy - http://www.astri.uni.torun.pl

Torun Center for astronomy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Meteoritics and Planetary Science - http://www.uark.edu/meteor

International journal of planetary science. Primary research and invited reviews.

Astrophysics at Very Small Angles - http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/~cgwinn

Gravity and pulsars at the smallest angular scales.

Dunsink Observatory - http://www.dunsink.dias.ie

Ireland's oldest scientific institution, founded in 1783.

Star Leaper - http://sites.netscape.net/oinosakai

The Internet magazine of Scifaiku - science fiction haiku poetry.

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