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Aussie Crater May Have Caused Dinosaur Extinction.

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Stunning Images of Jupiter's moons from Galileo

Terra "Earth Observing System Satellite" Opens

No Aliens in the Pentagon

Olympic Flame in Space

Aussie Crater May Have Caused Dinosaur Extinction

Stunning Images of Jupiter's moons from Galileo

Recent pictures taken of Io and Europa are providing new information for scientists in their quest to understand the two Jovian moons.



Terra "Earth Observing System Satellite" Opens

NASA's premier Earth Observing System Satellite, Terra, has finally completed orbital testing and is "open for business." An international mission, Terra is providing daily information about the health of the planet, and much of the data is recorded for the first time.






No Aliens in the Pentagon

Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesman denied that extraterrestrials are a part of U.S. military research, this in response to Monday's internet posting of detailed satellite images of Area 51, an Air Force test facility that conspiracy buffs believe holds alien technology. Spokesman Ken Bacon joked: "I think I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have no classified program that relies on aliens from outer space."



Olympic Flame in Space

The Olympic torch will go into orbit as part of the longest tour in Olympic history. The torch has been stored on board Space Shuttle Atlantis.


Aussie Crater May Have Caused Dinosaur Extinction

An 80-mile crater could be the cause of the worst extinction catastrophe in history. The crater appears to be 250-360 million years old, making it a possible source for the massive Permian-Triassic extinction that wiped out almost all life 250 million years ago.



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